Best execution refers to the duty of an investment services firm executing orders on behalf of customers to ensure the best execution conditions possible for their customers’ orders.

This applies whether these are orders initiated by the customer or by an investment manager. Under MiFID (the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive), the criteria for best execution may include price, costs, speed and settlement and delivery procedures.

Millennium Global is an independent provider of unbiased and transparent FX currency management and execution services. We execute hundreds of billion dollars in currency transactions every year for institutional clients and adhere to the FX Global Code, a set of global principles of good practice in the foreign exchange market.

We have established trading terms with many of the world’s largest FX liquidity providers. Our specialist execution professionals evaluate depth and liquidity in FX markets to determine effective market timing and execution methods. Transaction cost analysis (TCA) provided by an independent third party is offered to all clients.