Podcast by Millennium Global with Mark Astley & George Magnus


‘The Future of China, Systemic Inflation Risks and Currency Consequences’ on asset allocation and foreign exchange, with key insights for international investors.

This episode of the Macro Matters by Millennium Global features George Magnus, Research Associate at the China Centre at Oxford University and Mark Astley, Co-CEO Millennium Global Investments.

Discussion points:

03:37: Where do you see China geo-strategically, and is that relationship with Russia sustainable? And how do you think China affects geopolitics over the next five or ten years?

07:48: It's often been said that China is a very canny operator in diplomatic circles. But it seems to have achieved the unenvious position of being caught between enemies not just in the West but in the Pacific Rim as well. And to that extent, it's somewhat weakened strategically. How do you think about that in the big picture?

11:00: You’ve written extensively and in particular with your 2018 book, Red Flags, about China’s economic vulnerabilities. Perhaps you can share some thoughts today about where you think the economy stands and where you think it might be going.

18:17: Given the war in Russia and repercussions on supply chains in Europe and beyond, notably with Germany’s energy dependency on Russia. How do you think globalization is going to evolve over the next five or ten years?

21:25: What are your thoughts on demographics as it applies to all the topics we're touching upon?

28:03: What are your thoughts about that as a thesis for the next generation or so?

37:20: I wonder what you think about how that affects the renminbi, in the context of coming back to where we started, our thoughts on China.


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