Currency Alpha strategies aim to deliver attractive,

uncorrelated total returns from the active management of portfolios of global currencies.


Programmes typically trade G10 developed market currencies (US dollar, euro, Japanese yen, British pound, Swiss franc, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Swedish krona, Norwegian krone and New Zealand dollar) and can also include selective emerging market currencies according to client preference.  

Currency Alpha programmes can be customised to specific investor needs through targeted portfolio volatility.

High quality “Best-Execution” is achieved through access to wholesale pricing via a panel of leading FX counterparty banks.


Millennium Global applies quantitative techniques to the management of return-seeking currency programmes.

The investment team is comprised of currency portfolio managers, economists, analysts and FX execution professionals who share a significant firm and industry tenure.

Currency alpha strategies are implemented using FX spot and OTC FX forwards.


The return streams provided by these strategies offer diversification benefits through low correlation with traditional asset classes, and is therefore a complement to multi strategy portfolios.

Currency alpha strategies have long-term track records that exhibit attractive risk-adjusted returns and proven control of downside risk.

Daily liquidity is offered to provide immediate access and adjustment to the programme size.