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Macro Matters - Q4 2022 Macro Outlook

Podcast by Millennium Global with Piya Sachdeva & Eve Danbury


In this episode of the Macro Matters podcast by Millennium Global, we share our Q4 2022 Global Currency & Macroeconomic Outlook. Our Lead Economist, Piya Sachdeva and Analyst, Eve Danbury discuss the macro themes that will matter most in the coming quarter and how these are expected to impact global currencies.

Discussion points:

00:38 - Where do we stand at the moment? Going into the final quarter of this year, inflation, growth and monetary policy, within those themes, what are the main economic considerations that you are thinking about as potential currency drivers?

05:10 - What's then your view on growth as a product of that?

06:22 - Focusing on what has still been a strong labour market in the US, how are you thinking about the Fed and what they are going to do over the next quarter?

09:05 - Ultimately, the Fed remains the dominant driver of markets but how are you thinking about other central banks, especially in G10?

11:05 - How are you thinking about the dollar specifically, and is it really all upside from here still?

14:42 - What's your view on the Yen going into the next quarter?

16:51 - How are you thinking about the Euro going into Q4?

19:53 - How are you thinking about the UK here and now? Given that we've just had the most turnaround from the new chancellor on the mini budget and then taking a step back, how are you thinking about UK growth in the more medium term?

22:00 - What's your take on the Swiss Franc and the SNB going forward from here?

24:33 - From your perspective, what's going to be the main drag on China's growth outlook going into the next quarter of this year?

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